How To Guess

Guessbitcoinfees is not a gambling but a competition.

You guess the 24h BTC average transaction fee for the next day 20:30 CEST (18:30 UTC). For example: Until 20:30 CEST on Tuesday, you guess the fee on Wednesday at 20:30 CEST.

To guess you have to send from your memo account to guessbitcoinfees at least 10000 satoshis (BCH) and write in the message area your expected BTC average transaction fee (in USD, comma or dot separated with a maximum of 4 decimal places).

For example:

You can reach the send form by clicking on button:



If you send 10000 satoshis your pot is 1% of total pot. The more satoshis you send, the higher your pot will be. If you send 100000 satoshis or more, your pot will be 10% of the total pot and the percentage no longer increases. Sending more as 100000 satoshis is still welcome because it increases the total pot. I reserve the right to modify the pot calculation formula over and over again, so check here for before you guess if you want to know exactly.

From 1% to 10% of the daily total pot (depending on the amount of satoshis sent) goes to the winner and 99% of the rest to the pot of the next day.

If your amount is less than 10000 satoshis, your guess will not be considered.

If the difference to the nearest bet is less than $0.01 your bet will not be considered.

If you send unsplit coin, BSV will not be paid out and will be considered as donation to the site.

The winner is the one whose guess is the least different from the real fees.

If several players have the same difference to the real fees, the player who guessed first wins.

The real 24h BTC average transaction fees are obtained every 60 seconds from If does not provide any data at 20:30 CEST, the last stored fee will be used to determine the winner.

The won satoshis will be sent to the same address from which the winner sent his guess.

Satoshis will normally be sent to the winner immediately after 20:30 CEST, but there may be delays in special cases.

For every satoshi sent you get 1 GUESS Token

You play the game at your own risk and there is absolutely no warranty.

The website is refreshed every 60 seconds.

The website is for entertainment purposes only and is not for profit.

Last update 2019.09.07