Guess Token

Token ID 71a3660e77064be634554ac60850ac06a83da2969081dfcf2009ad7a8fa2ecdc

Guess Tokens (name Guess Token, symbol GUESS, URI were created, but will be distributed and used in the future.

For every satoshi sent to guessbitcoinfees for bets you will get 1 Guess Token.

The old token (named Guess) created on 2019-06-19 with the token ID 4830f4541cdb680a8243a9bd2b134b4de16b245d98a73e59eb3e0a2502bbdeea is no longer valid and will not be used. All users who have received the old token will later receive the new valid Guess Token. Please note that both old and new tokens have the same GUESS symbol.